environmentally-safe engine solutions

We focus on small horsepower industrial engines from 5 HP to 250 HP. Through our environmentally-safe engine solutions, we provide sales, service and support for:

  • Stationary/off-road engines fueled by natural gas, propane and diesel
  • Stationary-standby and Mobile-prime generators
  • Parts and 24/7 Service
  • Generator Rental
  • Aftermarket Equipment sales

eNGines-LPG can handle all your horsepower and torque requirements for the small horsepower
industrial engine market. environmentally-safe engine solutions so we can leave some green on the trees and blue in our skies.

“Leave some green in the trees and blue in our skies.” says it all. At eNGines-LPG providing
environmentally-safe engine solutions is not only our goal is the foundation of our passion. Where here for the long haul and hope you are too! Let’s protect our greatest resource together – Mother Earth.
Here are our standards:

  • All engines must meet and maintain the USA EPA’s emission requirements at a minimum
  • Provide emission compliance for any fuel burnt in a reciprocating engine
  • Continue to advance the clean-air discussion by challenging industry norms and standards while
    finding new ways to protect our environment