Leading Industrial Engine Distributor

eNGines-LPG is anything but your standard industrial engine distributor and generator manufacturer. We are so much more! Protecting our environment is our passion. All engines should maintain and have the least impact on our environment as possible. We believe in leaving some green on the trees and blue in our skies that we named the company to explain the future – eNGines-LPG. eNGines-LPG is an idea for an engine that can run off of both natural gas (NG) and propane (LPG) fuels while maintaining emission output limits below the US EPA required standards. With the engine being completed in the spring of 2016, NG-LPG continues to signify our continued pursuit to challenge the status quo and industry standards.

Our products range from 5 HP – 250 HP natural gas (NG), propane (LPG) and diesel (D) fuel engine solutions. Through an extensive examination process of each application, eNGines-LPG provides the best suited engine for each application.

Without delay, each application and engine package is added to our engineered strategy, during which we determine—along with you—the ideal engine setup for your process. In partnership, we work closely with your engineering team to test, perfect and implement a custom environmentally-safe package which can be privately labeled for you.

Through our affiliation with BCB Transport, we offer logistical planning to ensure business growth through timely post-production deliveries, managed inventory levels as well as cross-dock and warehousing space as needed for any application.

All aspects of eNGines-LPG business is designed to help meet your production needs while saving our planet for the next generation. Our continued investment into resources which protect our environment and improve your delivery time to market ensures that eNGines-LPG is a trusted partner in your project.