Leading Industrial Engine Distributor

eNGines-LPG, a leading industrial engine distributor, provides personalized service and custom solutions for a range of industrial engine needs.

With decades of industry experience, we offer efficient and environmentally responsible small horsepower industrial engines, standby and rental generators, and delivery services.

With specialization in applications between 15 hp to 350 hp, our new engine product line includes:

2.5L Inline 4 cylinder industrial engines with dual overhead CAM: 16 valve with 2.5L displacement with a compression ratio of 9:7:1; aluminum cylinder block and 5 main bearings

6.8L 10-cylinder industrial engine: a 90-degree V-twin with single overhead CAM, 20 valves, 6.8L displacement and a compression ratio of 9.06:1; cast iron cylinder block and 6 main bearings

Both engine platforms are EPA certified and powered by natural gas, liquid petroleum gas or a combination of the two.

Our EPA-certified wellhead gas engines are available in horsepower ranges between 40 hp to 120 hp. Offering the only true wellhead gas certified engine, eNGines-LPG maintains emission compliance by adjusting the air-to-fuel ratio while operating the engine through a wide range of RPMs and BTU gases.

eNGines-LPG also carries a complete line of Tier 3 and Tier 4 mobile generators and power distribution for emergency rental needs. Our generator lineup ranges from 5kW to 200kW for residential, light commercial and rental markets.

In addition, eNGines-LPG sells a variety of power equipment and used engines, with operating hours ranging from two to 300 hours. We also carry a full line of new and used parts to service small horsepower engines and generators.

Whether you require a gas compressor, hydraulic pump, stationary or mobile generator, eNGines-LPG is committed to providing the best product for your application, with financing and project management options available—all while ensuring compliance with environmental standards. Each application and engine package goes through our engineering strategy review—designed to provide real-world emission, horsepower and torque numbers for each engine’s application prior to final production.

With offices in Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania, eNGines-LPG delivers products in a timely manner throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Our affiliation with BCB Transport enables us to offer logistical planning through timely post-production deliveries, managed inventory levels and cross-dock and warehousing space, as needed, for engines, parts and accessories. All aspects our business are designed to help meet your production needs.

Learn more by contacting us at: Information@eNGines-LPG.com