Specializing in Natural Gas & Liquid Petroleum Gas Engines


Our rigorous and detailed process ensures that each engine is placed within its optimal operational horsepower and torque range. Our approach includes:

  • An in-depth look at each application
  • A complete understanding of the project’s expectations
  • A customized strategy to provide the correct product

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Our engines hold emissions below EPA requirement for wellhead gas and carry emission compliance from 800-2350 BTUs.
Our wellhead gas line provides automatic engine adjustments based on the BTU and makeup of the gas.
Our certified wellhead engines produce emissions below federal EPA requirement.

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eNGines-LPG can handle all horsepower and torque requirements for the small horsepower industrial engines from 15 hp to 150 hp. Our products include:

  • Industrial engines
  • Standby generators
  • Hot-shot delivery services

We also carry new and used parts for most small horsepower industrial engines.

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About eNGines-LPG

eNGines-LPG is an industrial engine distributor specializing in Natural Gas and Liquid Petroleum Gas-fueled engines between 15 hp-350 hp. Through an extensive examination process of each application, eNGines-LPG provides the best engine for each application.

Without delay, each application and engine package is added to our engineered strategy, during which we determine—along with you—the ideal engine setup for your process. In partnership, we work closely with your engineering team to test, perfect and implement a custom packaged, privately labeled engine platform for you.

Through our affiliation with BCB Transport, we offer logistical planning to ensure business growth through timely post-production deliveries, managed inventory levels as well as cross-dock and warehousing space as needed for engines, parts and accessories. All aspects our business are designed to help meet your production needs. Our continued investment into resources that will improve your delivery time to market ensures that eNGines-LPG is a trusted partner in your project.